Office and computer infrastructure
management services


  • Enjoy fully secure and private connections
  • Connect all your devices to the same network
  • Stabilize and optimize your Internet access
  • Computers, monitors, printers, laptops

Small and medium-size enterprise

  • Implementation of IT infrastructures
  • Configuring computer networks
  • Network cabling
  • Network architecture management LAN, WAN
  • Multi branch

Large business

  • Implementation of the WAN architecture
  • Integration and deployment of solutions
  • Management and maintenance of computer equipment
  • Improvement of post-implantation support interventions
  • Multi branch

The advantages of working with us

Do not let online threats harm your business. We will find and remove viruses and malware that employees may have accidentally downloaded.  We can also tell you where they spend their time online when they are at work … CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION ON OUR ONLINE SECURITY SERVICE
Once your network infrastructure is installed. Regular preventative maintenance is necessary to avoid breakdowns that can slow down the development of your business. And sometimes updates are recommended to be up to date and fast … CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION ON OUR MAINTENANCE SERVICE


Why invest big budget for the purchase and maintenance of a server while we offer you server space adapted to your needs, and save for your other investments.
Are your data backups in a safe place?  To what extent are you facing a disaster?  We will take care of your critical data and formulate a plan that will run your business in a crisis … CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION ON OUR ONLINE BACKUP SERVICE

Wherever you are

At home

You have more than one computer.  And want everyone to print on the same printer, use the same scanner, and/or communicate between each computer?  A home network may be the solution.
It’s the weekend!  You must accomplish a task at work?  No need to go to the shop.  Just connect to your company network.

At the office

For the best team work, all your employees must be connected to the same network.  We offer installation and maintenance of your network infrastructure.

Or on the road

While traveling, it may be necessary to have access to our office work. Stay connected when you’re on the road.

Event at a client

You want to explain a concept to a customer, and the best solution is to access your data at the office? It’s easy by remotely connecting to your network.

Everything is linked

All equipment can be connected, wired or wireless (click here), for easy access to the data needed to complete the job. Each user has access to what they needs but not to data that is outside their jurisdiction. You control who has access to what.

Everything is linked

Network and server management... Is our expertise!

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