Windows and Linux servers, Vlans and network management,

  • Windows and Linux Servers
  • MS Windows 2012 Servers
  • MS Windows Exchange server
  • MS Terminal server
  • Network management
  • Virtual Network (VLAN)

We can tailor fit a maintenance plan for x, y, z as well.


Security is more and more of an issue to watch out for today. NetLantique can help with:

  • Virus, Spam and Spyware Protection
  • Firewalls and Secure VPN connection and Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Secure your data and equipment by contacting us


You need a secure and easy access to your files and software but don't want to brake the bank, we offer rental of server space.

Contact us to talk about the multiple possibility we offer.


Need to secure your most important data in case of a disaster, we offer Online Backups where you have control of what data to secure on the cloud.

Let us show you the advantage of having an offsite backup for your precious files


We can fix most things remotely, avoiding delays and getting you back up to speed as soon as possible.  We also have a team of certified technicians that can get onsite to assist you with all of your technical problems.

Need help ?  We're just a few clicks away !


Be preventive and proactive and don't wait to be down before reacting.  Just like routine maintenance that we do for our motor vehicle, we can assist you with the maintenance of your IT equipment.

Get an appointment with our team to make sure everything is running smooth.


Whether it's hard wired or Wireless infrastructure we can assist you with both in any environment.


We are your reference for your repair needs, no matter what kind of your devices, we do more  than computers.


Keep an eye on your properties. Using your phone, you can watch over your whole domain, anytime, anywhere.


Need an complete integrated Accounting/POS systems that offer client management and follow up, we have what your looking for.

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